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What does mobogenie market provide?

Mobogenie market provides a repository for many and many of the most popular applications, games, software, books and music that seeks smartphones holders to be downloaded and used these days, all you submit moboginie market shop of games, applications and other are free and without any material fee as opposed to what is in the Google Play site Google play, which contains many of the paid apps pay but not free.


Mobogenie market shop and is considered the competitor before the Google Play store where offer all smart phone applications categories of social networking Facebook and Twitter and Anstjeram applications, and applications of chat and voice calls, such as the application of Lane and Viper and Soma, and also applications modification and installation of images and merge them photo editor and music applications chopping mp3 cutter applications If you know the caller’s name is not registered in your phone log, but Mbujana Market offers all these applications are free and no annual fees.

Noteworthy that mobogenie market shop can deal with HTC devices and Sony and all kinds of devices As for the shop Google Play in the hopes with Android devices, and is characterized by the application of Mbujana Market façade graphical easy and that the division of applications and games into different categories where making it easier for you Dear User access to the application or game you want with ease.
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Mobogenie para móvil Android

Mobogenie is an all in one Android phone and Android tablet manager for your Windows PC. It makes managing Android devices a breeze. It lets you share files, contacts, gallery, apps and just anything between your PC and Android device. To connect your device with Mobogenie you must have USB Debugging enabled on your Android device and then Mobogenie will automatically connect with your Android Device.

Mobogenie is a software program that allows you to manage the entire content of your Android phone with the help of your computer. This type of program is also called an Android synchronization software.

What makes mobogenie market the must-have app for your Android phone? You can download cool apps, games, ringtones, and wallpapers directly to your Android device without a computer! Trust mobogenie market to bring you fantastic apps hidden in the secret stashes of Google Play. Find apps you wanted in seconds, and discover great apps you have never known. Search store apps directly in Mobogenie Market. Now also comes integrated with Facebook topics and Twitter trends.


Special features:

Editor Recommends: Handpicked apps and games.
Trending and Top charts: Stay updated on what’s climbing up the charts.
News and Reviews: Up-to-date app reviews and Android news. 4. Packages: Great way to discover unlimited apps.
Also powered with faster and more effective apps search, richer information and reviews, and a better way to discover hidden but great apps.
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The Interface

The interface is highly intuitive and allows you to easily browse and manage all the files you have on your smart phone, as well as contacts, text messages and applications. It comes packed with a nice, colorful and modern design.

It encloses a navigation panels from which you can easily access all the available options and a pane in which to display the selected information.

Mobogenie comes with an incredible user-friendly interface, which is smooth, organized, and modern. It supports over 23 languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, Indonesian, Russian, and several other languages.

Mobogenie bring much more

Create a backup
A very useful features that this software application offers is the ability to back up and restore all the data that exists on your smart phone, thus allowing you to prevent sudden data loss or easily switch phones.

This utility also enables you to easily manage your contacts (e.g. add new ones, insert pictures or other information, delete them etc.), messages, applications and multimedia files with a minimal amount of effort.

Manage SD Card:
This is a simple utility that open SD card in Windows Explorer and it lets you view all the files in SD card of you device.

This utility lets you restore all the backups created using Mobogenie. It works great and is overall a good restore utility.

Install .apk:
This tool lets you install applications on your phone from apk files. It install apps without much fuss and is a must have tool.

Mobogenie Version 3.0 brings:

More content, which is now also accessible to everyone (no Android device required)
Improved performance and download speeds
Improved and more accurate searching
More personalised recommendations
A revamped, easier-to-use interface
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Download mobogenie free

mobogenie market

Mobogenie market is an Android PC Manager application which enables you to organize, transfer, download and upload data from between your PC or Android device. Mobogenie is the Android app that we need to install on our phone to be able to use the Windows client and establish a perfect communication between our PC and mobile device. It currently supports a wide range of models from Sony, Google Nexus, Samsung, HTC and LG, among others. Manage, back up and restore from your PC all-important data in your phone. With Mobogenie, all the apps, contacts, SMS, music and other data in your smartphone can be easily transferred between PC, your phone, and even the online world.

The Mobogenie application is largely wizard-based and includes an interface sporting large buttons and easy-to-use navigation aides feature intuitive interaction options.

– Back up and restore with one click

One of the best and most useful features that Mobogenie offers is its backup and restore functions. Put away that constant worry of losing your Android phone or fear of switching to another. They can come in handy when messing about with your phone when you’re installing or removing custom ROMs or even when migrating to a new phone. Simply entrust Mobogenie to back up your data with a single click! And if you want to restore this data to your phone or to another Android device, breathe easy.

– Download the best videos,music and photos on the web

You’ve had the same old videos and music for ages, and now it’s time you treated yourself to something new. Choose from the best and the latest and download them to your Android device, all to be enjoyed on the go.

– Manage and edit contacts easily

You can also use descargar Mobogenie to synchronize your data and contacts. From adding new numbers to editing existing data to simply deleting unnecessary contacts… When you’re editing contacts or simply cleaning them up, editing them through Mobogenie can be much faster and more efficient.


If you haven’t installed MoboGenie‘s Android app on your device yet, then I have brought you the free download of this tiny application’s latest version for you. Simply download MoboGenie app via your computer or directly on your Android device. If you are downloading the file using your device, its installation will automatically start when you will launch the .apk file after downloading it to your phone. If you are using your PC to download mobogenie, then first you need to transfer the APK file to your device using any medium. After transferring the downloaded file to your device, launch it from there. Your Android device will recognize the format and will start its installation.

When you connect your Android device to Mobogenie for the very first time, a ‘Mobogenie Phone Daemon’ is installed on your phone. Please note that it is absolutely necessary to enable a smooth connection and management of the device the next time you use Mobogenie. You can now download applications to your computer and use them on Android without consuming your phone’s data connection.


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